Coronavirus (Covid-19) Important Information

Updated Information - 31 March 2020

In light of the new measures requiring as many of us as possible to stay at home, the government has produced a set of FAQ’s to help you understand the rules and to take the right decisions.

We want to thank all of those who have signed up to our portal MyPropertyOnline and strongly encourage those who haven’t, to do so today please. We all need to embrace the online world whilst so many of us are behind closed doors – even if it is just a temporary embrace.

We want to assure you that whilst we are following the government’s advice, we have the welfare of our staff, our communities, and our service contractors at the forefront of our minds with every decision taken. We know this is tough but we are still here for you.

Latest Government Advice

The single most important action we can all take, in fighting coronavirus, is to stay at home in order to protect the NHS and save lives. When we reduce our day-to-day contact with other people, we will reduce the spread of the infection. That is why the government is now introducing three new measures.

Every citizen must comply with these new measures. The relevant authorities, including the police, will be given the powers to enforce them – including through fines and dispersing gatherings. These measures are effective immediately. The Government will look again at these measures in three weeks, and relax them if the evidence shows this is possible.

For more information on how to comply with these new measures, please click here.

Company Advice

Service Contractors

In line with the government’s latest Coronavirus advice, building maintenance workers are permitted to continue attending sites – while practising social distancing. As large numbers of people are at home, the requirement for building safety, cleaning and maintenance is even greater than normal. Site attendance will continue unless and/or until the Government’s advice changes. We are grateful to these service people who continue to serve the development and community during these challenging times. We ask that you show your appreciation, while remaining conscious of the social distancing requirements.


Following the government’s latest Coronavirus advice, our office teams are now working remotely. If you need to interact with us, please visit the Help section of our website where you will find helpful guidance and be able to do things like make a maintenance request. If you need to email us, please make sure your email includes your name, phone number and customer reference number. We will respond as promptly as we can in the current circumstances.

Service Charge & Arrears

During this difficult time for people, we will not be issuing any new service charge demands or arrears reminders during the 21 day shutdown period.

However, it is important to realise that the estate will continue to receive bills that will need to be paid. For example, there will still be things like insurance premiums, electricity bills, and invoices from contractors who will be servicing the development for things like cleaning and the maintenance of critical systems (eg. fire, mechanical plant etc).

As more people are home-based, it’s likely that the pressure on the service charge may increase. Anything that you can do to help minimise this pressure will benefit everyone who pays the service charge. For example, by not disposing of excessive refuse in any bin stores.

Where possible, we will do our best to accommodate the situation as it evolves.

NHS Do’s and Don’ts

To help reduce the chance of Coronavirus spreading, the NHS have advised the below “Do’s” and “Don’ts”:



Please take appropriate steps to take care of yourselves and follow the government’s advice as it gets updated.