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Insurance Claim

We aim to make the claims process as smooth as possible.

In general, if insurance has been arranged by JM Estates through Encore’s broker (One Broker (Cambridge) Ltd), we will handle the insurance claim paperwork, while you (the property owner) will deal with the contractors to arrange the works and obtain quotes. This means you can choose contractors you want to work with and arrange appointments at times that suit you.

If you have incurred damage inside your property as a result of a leak from a neighbouring property, or the failure of a communal system, you may be able to make an insurance claim against the building’s insurance policy.

If your damage has been caused by a system inside your property (eg. an overflowing washing machine), this will generally not be covered by the buildings insurance.

Some claims involve multiple properties. If it is determined that one of the properties is responsible for causing the damage, then that owner will be liable for the policy excess as well as for the costs involved to stop the issue causing the problem. The associated remedial work costs for the damage will be covered by the insurance.

An insurance claim will follow these steps*

  1. The owner needs to complete an insurance claim form providing a detailed description of the incident and dated good quality photos of the damage. The incident must be notified within a reasonable timeframe.
  2. Encore will confirm whether the damage is covered by the insurance policy, and if so, initiate an insurance claim with the insurer on your behalf.
  3. The owner will obtain 2 itemised quotes from contractors of your choice and send them to Encore.
  4. Encore will submit the quotes to the insurer and let you know if the cost is approved or if more information is required.
  5. The owner will arrange the works to be carried out with the chosen contractor. Remedial works should not be carried out without the insurer’s prior consent as the cost may not be covered.
  6. The contractor’s invoice is to be submitted to Encore who will arrange payment
  7. In certain circumstances, the owner will be required to pay the insurance excess.
* This process is for estates where buildings insurance is part of the service charge and arranged by Encore. If the Freeholder invoices you directly for the insurance, please contact them to make a claim.

Encore Estate Management Ltd is an Appointed Representative of One Broker (Cambridge) Ltd, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 




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