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Door Fob & Gate Remote

We can source door fobs and gate remotes for most of the developments we manage.

Please note that only property owners (not their tenants) and authorised lettings agents can request a new door fob or remote. To request a new fob/remote, the property owner/authorised letting agent should complete the form below. We will then:

  1. Contact you with the cost of your specific fob/remote and details on how to pay. The cost will depend on the type of system installed in your building:
    - Door fobs:  approx £30 inc VAT
    - Gate remotes:  between £60-£90 inc VAT
  2. Once payment has been received, the fob/remote will be ordered and programmed. Sometimes it may need to be programmed on-site by an engineer, which will take a little longer.
  3. We will send the fob/remote to your nominated address. Please allow up to 10 days from receipt of payment for a new fob/remote to be ordered, programmed and despatched.

Please note that some systems require you to place an order directly with the installer – we will let you know if this is the case for your system. Only fobs/remotes sourced from an authorised provider can be programmed.


Thank you for getting in touch. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.