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Licence for Alteration

If you are planning to carry out works within your apartment/house, the Landlord’s consent may be required. (The 'Landlord' is the correct legal term which means the owner of the building/development, not the owner of an individual property.)

This consent is called a ‘Licence for Alteration’. It is important you obtain this permission before you carry out any works. The process is designed to protect the interest of other property owners, to maintain the structural integrity of the building and to maintain the aesthetic appearance.

Your Lease/Transfer will specify the type of works that require the Landlord’s consent. As a general guide:

Consent is usually required if the works involve:

  • Any works that are structural, will have an impact on the maintenance of the building, or impact on other residents
  • Removing walls
  • Adding extensions or conservatories
  • Replacing windows or doors
  • Replacing/moving internal fixtures and fittings, including; radiators or pipework, bathroom sanitary ware, kitchen sinks, or new wiring
  • Installing wooden/stone/tile flooring in an apartment
  • Installing a ‘significant’ garden shed structure – typically if the total area of the structure exceeds 50% of the garden or the pitch height is greater than 2.5m (check the specifics of your Lease/Transfer)
  • Installing a garden pergola – typically if it is greater in height than 2m (check the specifics of your Lease/Transfer)


Consent is not usually required if the works:

  • Do not alter the structure or layout of the Demised Premises and/or alter the Landlord’s fixtures
  • Are fulfilling the Tenant Covenants under the Lease/Transfer, such as repairs and decoration


How do I apply for Consent?

Please submit a Licence for Alteration Application by filling out the form below and attaching any required documents (see list of Requirements).

  1. We will advise if the Landlord’s consent is required, and whether we will handle the matter on behalf of your Landlord/Management Company, or whether you will need to submit your Application directly to your Landlord.
  2. If we handle the matter for the Landlord/Management Company, we will advise you of an independent Surveyor (and/or other professional person/s) who will act on the Landlord/Management Company’s behalf.
  3. You will need to submit your Application (including drawings and specifications of the proposed works – see list of Requirements below) to the nominated Surveyor. They will assess your Application and recommend whether the works are approved or refused. You will need to deal directly with the Surveyor and pay their fees directly.
  4. The independent Surveyor will send their report and recommendation to Encore. We will then seek approval from the Landlord/Management Company, on the basis of the Surveyor’s recommendation.
  5. If the Landlord/Management Company approves the Application, our legal team will write to you advising you of the outcome and request payment of the Licence for Alteration fee before the Licence can be issued.
  6. Works can commence once the Licence has been issued. Works should not commence prior to this stage.
  7. If the Surveyor’s recommendation was ‘approved with conditions’, the Surveyor will be required to carry out a subsequent inspection(s) during/after the works. Once the works have been completed, you will need to inform the Surveyor and request a final inspection. Providing the works have been completed in accordance with the Licence, the Surveyor will issue you with a Completion Certificate. You will be required to pay any fees directly with the Surveyor. 


How long does the Application process take?

While Encore may handle the administration of your Application, please be aware that the process and decision-making rely on third-parties who are outside our direct control. While every effort will be made to process an Application within 4-6 weeks, it may take longer depending on the complexity of your Application, the number of professionals involved, the completeness of information supplied at the outset, and the payment of fees. Applicants are advised to factor in a reasonable timescale for processing an Application when planning their works.





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